Clls Car-t 2.0

Was listening to a podcast on the future of Car-t and Brad Loncar was saying we are only at the beginning of the benefits of Car-t and their are actually companies who have versions 2.0. The company talked about was Cellectis.

Was wondering if anybody here is investing in this company. Here’s the link.…


The company talked about was Cellectis.

There have been extensive discussions about the company on this board, especially by imuafool (Ray) back in April. I had a tiny position in it until several weeks ago when I poured everything into Kite. Cellectis is working on the Holy Grail of Car-T, which is off-the-shelf cells, but it’s just starting out with testing them in humans and has probably 2-4 years until commercialization (if it works).



Thanks Saul I thought Cellectis was familiar somehow. Looking at your end of month report I see it is a company you once owned and Sold to go in on Kite.

Today CLLS printed its all-time high close, and on 6x normal volume. So, as I guessed, a rising tide is lifting all (or most) CAR-T boats. This happened even in the absence of any truly newsworthy updates from the company, so trading is based on pure speculation and sector sympathy due to KITE.

But there certainly is recent “buzz” afoot about CLLS allogenic (“off the shelf”) approach to therapy, talk stimulated by the high prices expected with the “from scratch” approach of KITE, Novartis, Juno and Blue. And such buzz is likely prompting the rise in CLLS shares, despite the fact (as noted by Saul) that any possible approved allogenic tx is still years away.

Here’s another example of buzz surrounding CLLS this past week. And it too casts CLLS as both a cheaper and more expeditious alternative to the “high priced spread” of the first generation of CAR-T treatments.…