Cloudflare podcast

A decent podcast with Cloudflare co-founder Matthew Prince:….

  • some history of the company, which was founded at the tail end of the '09 recession
  • company started when one of the founders had an internship at Google pulled due to the recession
  • NET has seen an uptick in work and recently doubled its intern program; the company views this as an opportunity to add premium talent
  • aren’t focused on getting “back to normal”, want to get “back to better”
  • some comments on how companies tied to the infrastructure of the internet are in a unique spot during this crises

There’s not much here that wasn’t covered in this thread started by muji (…). However, it’s a good look at one of the founding voices. NET finished March at the top of my watch list. I’m planning on running it up against WORK and COUP over the next few days.


thanks for this

Peter Offringa also did a direct comparison on his website of NET vs FSLY a couple months ago after FSLY’s latest results. His takeaway was similar to Muji’s wonderful write up … that really the only metric where FSLY shows greater strength is NER of 136% vs NET’s 112%

Also one of the primary selling points for FSLY has been valuation compared to NET. But NET’s margins and optionality seem like real tailwinds

That link is here:…


Be careful when comparing the NER of FSLY. The last time I looked, they calculated it differently. Most companies start with the customer cohort from the one year ago quarter, and compare to the current quarter so churn is included.

FSLY starts with the current quarter, than goes back a year. A subtle difference, but this method will not include any customers lost over the last year.