Cloudflare Serverless Week

Peter Offringa of Software Stack Review has done another deep dive:…

This is quite technical. I am not technically savvy enough to comment on it. Fastly is referenced quite a bit as a comparison. Here is an excerpt to give an idea of the scope:

"I provide a summary list of the announcements from Serverless Week and then will explore each one in detail:

Reduced Cold Start Times
Removed Runtime Execution Constraints
Lowered Costs
Additional Language Support
Security Enhancements
Tooling and Network Infrastructure
Data Localization"

…and an excerpt from his finishing thoughts:

“I think these improvements to Cloudflare’s serverless offering raise the bar and reflect confidence in the market opportunity for edge compute. As mentioned, I think many new applications for distributed edge compute are emerging and this will become a large category of cloud spending over the next decade. Both Cloudflare and Fastly are fielding meaningful product offerings to leverage this trend. They will compete effectively with the cloud vendors for edge compute spend as more companies spin up workloads outside of central data centers.”

And an excerpt which got my attention, in his discussion of security enhancements in reference to both Cloudflare and Fastly:

“I think both serverless platforms go to great lengths to ensure the integrity and security of their platforms, including engaging with third party auditors. Because the breadth of possible exploits is really unknown and how those might apply to either architecture design or mitigation techniques, I don’t think it is productive to try to speculate that any serverless platform is truly secure.”