CNN: $AMZN Air Freight Workers Walk Off Job

A story I missed last week:

CNN Business headline: Amazon workers walk off job at air freight facility to call for better pay and working conditions
Rishi Iyengar byline
By Catherine Thorbecke and Rishi Iyengar, CNN…

The ongoing organizing efforts inside Amazon continue to draw support from labor advocates and progressive politicians around the country, including Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has long been a loud critic of the company.

“I stand in solidarity with the Amazon workers in San Bernardino, CA who walked off the job today to protest low wages & unsafe working conditions,” Sanders tweeted Monday evening. He also referenced Amazon CEO Andy Jassy’s total compensation package granted in 2021, adding: “If Amazon can afford to pay its CEO $214 million last year it can afford to give their workers a $5 an hour raise & a safe workplace.”