Coal-producing Wyoming could soon host one of largest solar farms in US

Wyoming, the nation’s leading coal-producing state, has begun the initial permitting for the construction of its largest utility-scale solar farm, by far.

The state’s Industrial Siting Council approved a permit for developer Enbridge in early May to build and operate the Cowboy Solar project, which will be built on private land in Laramie County, in the state’s southeast corner, beginning in March 2025. The project will employ an average monthly workforce of 285 temporary employees, with a peak of approximately 375 employees.

Once completed in 2027, the $1.2 billion, 771-megawatt installation will not only be the biggest solar farm in the Cowboy State but also one of the largest solar projects in the U.S.

The project will also include 269 megawatts of battery storage to soak up surplus daytime sunshine and make it available for use later in the day. Solar facilities are increasingly, if not entirely, being colocated with large arrays of batteries for this purpose.

Enbridge is a Canadian energy firm with a massive distribution pipeline for oil and fossil gas, but it has been expanding into alternative energy at a billion-dollar scale since 2002.


I’m sure the author meant megawatt-hours rather than megawatts. Maybe when AI starts to write all these news articles they’ll get this right.
Or maybe not, since all the LLMs are being trained on all the tons of incorrect usage.



Those large battery projects are often specified by either their full power output (MW) or the total battery capacity (MWh). In this case, it appears 269 MW is the battery output. This comes from the Enbridge website, which is building the project.

From the link:

  • Expected capacity: Phase I— 400 MW solar and 136 MW battery storage; Phase II —371 MW solar and 133 MW battery storage

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Most of these large battery storage facilities are capable of discharging for 3 or 4 hours at their design power rating. Therefore, it is probably around 1076 MWh of total storage capacity.

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Then they should always provide both numbers to make clear what they are specifying, IMO.


Long duration (>12 hours) energy storage is comong to market in the next year or two.

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