Coffee will change. Current beans will phase out because they can't survive a hotter climate

This might wake up a few people…

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Need cooler climate? Grow the coffee higher up the mountain. The Caracas valley, elevation 3,000 feet, used to be a coffee plantation. Coffee likes shade, mahogany (caoba) works well. My Caracas apartment is located in Los Caobos.

The Captain


If the current beans don’t grow in the same place, look for them to be planted further north than they currently grow. Just follow the climate band as that shifts.

Same thing applies to a lot of food crops.


Going back to 2009, we can read this prediction:

The U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts an increase in global temperatures of 2 to 4 degrees centigrade in the next 20 years, with even greater temperature increases in the Amazon. That could mean a 10 percent reduction Brazil’s arable land for coffee by 2020.

Whatever the Brazilians are doing, it seems to be working. In 2009 coffee production was 43 million bags (60 lb each). Last year is was 56 million bags (which was down from 70 million the previous year).