cognitive health

Not an authoritative source, but there appears to be links between gut health and cognitive health. So take probiotics, they say. It is based on a study, though.…

A UK research center from the University of Reading recently published a report in Neuroscience & Behavioral Reviews that covered a total of 30 studies on the connection between taking probiotics and cognitive function.

That’s not the only study supporting that. There’s a strong neural connection between the gut and brain, and some people in the field call the gut the little brain.

= sheila

I hadn’t heard that, but I was aware that the microbiome in our guts affect a lot of other processes in the body.

Of course, the trick is finding the right one(s). We’ve used Align, as well as one that you keep in the fridge (don’t off-hand recall which one). Mostly they seem to advertise “X-billion bacteria”. Nothing about whether it can survive the stomach (I understand a lot of it doesn’t), nor whether those were specifically beneficial (or how they are beneficial). I have no doubt many are, but how do you tell?


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