Come on Folks!

Hey - come on, folks! Speak up! Happy Memorial Day weekend!

I just ran down to pick up bought a bunch of stuff for us in Price Chopper. (Never turn me loose in there… heh heh…) I bought all beef hot dogs and rolls for me and 85% burgers for the grill (and rolls), pickles and beets for my wife, corn on the cob (4 ears for $3), and stuff.

Just looked at Hannaford’s flyer for this week and they have marked down lobsters from $15.99 to $8.99/lb! Wow! Guess we may have some before we even go to Maine!

Now enjoying a cold Long Trail Ale. Will fire up the grill for dinner when my wife feels hungry.

Hope you are all enjoying life in our lovely state.

Retired Vermonter