composter and erosion?

Our city gives away composters. Really, they’re just garbage bins that they cut the bottom off. So about 3’ high with a lid.

We placed it near some pavers a few months ago (about 12" or so away). We’ve noticed recently that the ground around it seems to be eroding. This, of course, threatens our pavers. However, correlation does not equal causation. Does anyone know of a causal mechanism? We do have other composters that are not experiencing nearby erosion. If they did also, I’d say we have a strong suspicion. But this latest one is the only one doing it.

Any ideas? No, there are no underground water lines there that could be leaking, and no mounds associated with gophers. Already eliminated those two possibilities.


Hi 1poorguy,

Composting is not an erosion threat.

Are you putting a lot of water into the container?

Without a photo, this is just stabbing wildly …

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Yeah, it shouldn’t be an erosion threat. Our two others don’t do it. No, not putting excessive water there. In fact, it doesn’t look like water erosion.

Alas, TMF doesn’t let us post photos.

I was just hoping someone else had heard about something that could be causing this. I may back-fill with dirt, and see if it continues.

TMF doesn’t let us post photos.

Not directly, ni, but a simple few clicks and the link is created to show photos via resources like the one below… Just a little more tedious…

Are you putting any water into this container? We have compost piles at our community garden and they master gardeners to the best of my knowledge do not put any water into the composting system. The System is a 4 foot by 6 foot area with plastic fencing on 3 sides. Posts on the 4 corners.

Critters? It could be rich with worms and grubs, and lots of little critters love that stuff.


I’m starting to think above-ground critters. We have desert hares around sometimes. There are also gophers, but not mounds in our yard. So no gophers. Hares seem the most likely culprits.