Confirmation of my Amazon dystopian delusions?

To add to the fun, it’s from The Street, where our most entertaining pundit, Jim Cramer, lives.

“Amazon Is Pure Madness: It’s Going to Destroy Almost Every Industry Alive and It Must Be Stopped”…

They’re also running a piece about Doug Kass’s opinion that the attempt to buy Whole Foods may be enough to jeopardize Amazon by attracting a lot more attention from regulators and politicians.

p.s. I recently bought a bunch of car parts from rather than Amazon because of ease of searching, product choices, and cost. This was despite having about $50 in Amazon gift card money that I want to spend, and higher shipping cost.

p.p.s. Amazon’s search function is so poor (and scoops up so many irrelevant products) that it’s easier to use an external search engine.

p.p.p.s. My favorite online stores are usually specialists, such as