Confirmed: 4680 Cells Not Being Used MIC $TSLA

Teslarati headline: Tesla China dismisses rumor of 4680 cells in Shanghai-built vehicles…

Tesla China cleared the air regarding rumors of 4680 battery cells being used in vehicles built at the company’s Gigafactory Shanghai facility. According to the post, rumors have indicated that China-built Tesla vehicles are equipping the company’s 4680 cell chemistry, which was unveiled two years ago at Battery Day.

“In order to protect the interests of consumers, and in response to the special action of relevant departments to rectify rumors on the Internet, the following explanations are made in response to several recent rumors about Tesla China on the Internet,” Tesla’s Customer Support account wrote on Weibo yesterday.

It makes two points, the first being that no Tesla vehicles built in China use 4680 cells. “No matter what kind of battery is used, the products we provide to customers can meet Tesla’s strict product requirements and well meet vehicle performance indicators such as safety, battery life, and acceleration,” the account then wrote.

Additionally, the company clarified that “recent hype by some individuals…about Tesla ‘is about to change its model’” is a rumor that “deliberately misleads consumers.” Tesla then said that it would encourage people to point them in the direction of those who are starting these rumors so they can be held responsible.