Congrats to MF Post of the Day Winners

There were 20 MF Posts of the Day in September and seven were from our board. This makes 35% of all September Posts of the Day. (You’ll find a link to them in the right column on all pages, by the way). If you want to get the best of the MF boards, it’s important to read the boards of your stocks, but remember what a high percentage of the best posts of the day you get right here.

Congratulations to:

Neil (nevercontent) post # 11518
Neil again # 11678
Ray (imuafool) # 11740
me # 11782
Neil a third time # 11914
me (again) # 11990
DJ (CMF FourthStooge) # 12163

Also we should note that Neil got a fourth MF Post of the Day this month for a post on his Weekly Analysis club board. Four in a month is an enormous achievement. And Fletch, who is a regualr poster on our board, got a Post of the Day for a post on the BOFI board, where he was the Ticker Guide for a long time. Congratulations to both of them. You could say that makes 9 of the 20 by our regular members. You may notice that I’m proud about this


Best to you all


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One reason we spend so much time here.
I want to thank not only you, I have done that often enough, but also the other posters who help to make this board one of the best, if not THE BEST in the Fook world.
Thank you, Erik, newly retired so you will see more of me here


Fool World, not Fook
Sorry, Erik

Fool World, not Fook

The judges would have also accepted Fooking World.

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Saul, I see you’re kicking off the new month :wink: Congrats!