Control Panel: Trends are continuing

The risk-on trends I noted in last week’s Control Panel are continuing.

Broad stock indexes are rising. The Fear & Greed Index is in Extreme Greed. The risk panel shows the trade is getting even riskier. CAPE is heading back toward its bubble peak.

Most of the increase in the SPX is due to the so-called “Magnificent 7” tech stocks. Nvidia stock value topped $2 trillion this week, a breathtaking amount since the P/E ratio is 66. This concentration increases risk.

Bond prices are dropping. Treasury yields are rising across all durations while the fed funds rate is pinned. The options market consensus is no fed funds cut until June at the earliest.

There is no Macro news today that will suddenly shift the markets.

The METAR for next week is sunny.

P.S. Thanks to @DrBob2 for correcting my mistake.


I believe that is two trillion.

“For the quarter, GAAP earnings per diluted share was $4.93, up 33% from the previous quarter and up 765% from a year ago.”




This shouts seasonality is coming. The CMF can only go so green till all the money is onboard going into a top.

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