CoolCo Q4 2022 results

Not yet a US-listed idea, but the company is working on a NYSE listing

Announced their Q4 2022 results last week (2/28/23)

  • Q4 Operating revenue of $90.3M
  • Net income of $33.1M
  • Achieved TCE of $83,600 daily
  • Div of 40c/sh
  • Raised additional capital in Nov 2022 to acquire 4 Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), each holding one contracted LNG carrier.
  • Signed an option agreement to acquire 2 2024-newbuilds from Hyundai Samho
  • Announced a deal in Feb 2023 to sell Golar Seal - the company’s oldest TFDE vessel

Cool Company Ltd. Q4 2022 Business Update | Coolco (

Interesting company. Appear to have snagged themselves good deals on both the SPVs and the newbuild options. The fleet math indicates the company will be the same size as Flex LNG (FLNG) in a year’s time. FLNG currently has 13 vessels, and CoolCo, assuming they acquire the newbuilds (why would they not?) would then reach 13 vessels in 2024.

As mentioned in the link, the company is seeking a US stock listing.

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It should be noted that CoolCo signed 3-year charter @ $120K daily on two vessels. I believe they also have a 1-year charter @ $140K daily. That suggests there are some, below-average charters in the mix