Cost basis and date of purchase after transfer

I transferred my stock from brokerage A to brokerage B. The partial shares that I had received because of dividends on my stocks disappeared (and they charged me $75 for the transfer … but, that’s not what I’m here to talk about).

Two semi-legal questions that are connected are

  1. What is the cost basis for the shares in brokerage B?
  2. What is the purchase date of the shares?

I guess, if / when I sell them I can go back through my records of brokerage A and figure out the best strategy? I don’t sell often (Foolish buy and hold strategy) so I don’t know the detailed ins and outs. I thought you guys could give me some pointers and advice.

Thank you in advance

The cost basis of the shares and the purchase dates of the shares did not change. The original purchase info still applies for each lot.

Broker A should be able to tell you the cost basis of the fractional shares sold. If stock shares and multiple lots were purchased usually oldest shares are sold first. But you can designate any lot you please. Just advise broker of your choice.

If mutual fund shares cost basis is sometimes averaged. Ask your broker.

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