Country Gardens

It’s gone quiet, but hasn’t gone away:

A liquidation suit has been presented to Country Gardens due to it defaulting on its debt repayments:

It has an incredible 20 million unfinished homes, the majority of which have been paid for:

Its last filed accounts showed massive losses:

Creditors of other major builders in China are ramping up pressure due to fears of further failures in the sector.

The Chinese property market is looking like a slow motion train crash.


This is nothing. Just wait for all of those Chinese local municpalities that count on income from 100 year leases of the underlying land to do almost all they do to face no more income.


No wonder Xi is firing everybody and listening to almost nobody.


I am still waiting till the day I have enough power not to listen to anyone.


China have banned a child’s doll, Winnie the Pooh, because it looks like Xi