Coupa Software is one of Bert’s hypergrowth stocks and I am surprised there has been no investigation of it yet.

I am a little long and from a technical point of view, today was very encouraging. We had a nice move up on strong volume, showing institutional interest. It beat on earnings today…

Coupa Software (COUP) late Monday reported an adjusted fiscal fourth-quarter profit of 2 cents, topping views, and forecast a smaller-than-expected loss for full-year fiscal 2019, sending shares up.

Coupa said revenue jumped 41% for the quarter to $53.8 million, beating consensus estimates. A year earlier, Coupa reported a loss of 5 cents a share on sales of $38 million.

Analysts expected Coupa to report a loss of 15 cents a share on sales of $49 million for the period ended Jan. 31.

In the April quarter, Coupa forecast a loss of 12 cents per share, in line with estimates, with revenue of about $51 million, above expectations of $49 million.

For fiscal 2019, Coupa said it expects a loss in a range of 23 cents to 28 cents vs. consensus estimates of a 29-cent loss. Coupa forecast revenue of $227 million to $230 million, just above estimates of $227 million.

Shares in the enterprise software provider gained 2.6% to 50.45 in after-hours trading on the stock market today. Coupa’s cloud-based management platform helps companies control spending.

From a technial point of view the pivot is $50.79, and it looks like it got close after hours.

I will add more Tuesday, but the IBD ratings are not strong yet…

Composite Rating 94 Neutral
EPS Rating 62 Fail
RS Rating 96 Pass
Group RS Rating A+ Pass
SMR Rating D Fail
Acc/Dis Rating A- Pass


Thanks for your last 2 posts.
I bought a little of each.


Coupa Software is one of Bert’s hypergrowth stocks and I am surprised there has been no investigation of it yet.

Warning!!! I’m sorry, Guys and Gals, but the above is deceptive and untrue. Don’t get sucked in thinking that Bert has recommended this company! Coupa Software is NOT “one of Bert’s hypergrowth stocks.” It’s not one of Bert’s stocks at all !

Bert has, by current count, written 374 articles on Seeking Alpha. He wrote one, one(!) about Coupa in October of 2016 in which he panned it as investment. I’d call the following conclusion pretty negative, wouldn’t you?

There is nothing that I see in either the technology, the space, the business environment profitability or cash flow that might make Coupa shares worth buying at present prices. Those fortunate enough to have gotten shares at the IPO would do well to take profits before the company has to explain falling growth rates and the absence of any clearly defined path to profitability.

Bert has never revisited this company, has never recommended it as an investment, never said he was investing in it, never included it in his Ticker Target portfolio, never written about it on Ticker Target, never written about it again anywhere as far as I know, never… period! There is no way anyone could validly have considered this as “one of Bert’s stocks.” Sorry, again.

Please note that I am not saying the company won’t be a good investment. I don’t know anything about it. I’m just objecting to using blatantly false information to hype a stock that one has taken a position in. That’s not what our board is about.



Coupa Software is NOT “one of Bert’s hypergrowth stocks.

Saul, I was trying to figure out where I got that list, I know I did not invent it and I did not cobble it toghether from multiple articles. The fist place I can find that list is in a reply I made to a thread you posted.


I suspect I followed your link and in that article Bert list all of his “hypergrowth” stocks and I created the list.

Your post started Bert on hyper growth companies in light of the MULE acquisition.
and then linked to this:
which no longer has data. Maybe the list came from there. I have no idea what Bert thinks about it, I just constructed a list of what he said were hyper growth stocks and how he compared them to MULE.

Thanks for letting us know that he does not really think much about this company.

here are the stocks he mentioned