Recent thread discussed MSFT vs CRM. This article highlights the union of Cisco and CRM. Also, interesting consensus target of $94+ for CRM, analyst talk, but nice pr for CRM:…



I have worked with Cisco a long time and don’t really like them: hugh, a pain to work with sometimes, expensive and high maintenance charges. The companies they have taken over (like Tandberg and Sourcefire) have seen their products deteriorate and go up in price as Cisco integrated them and tried to take over their production. That said, Cisco loves to take over companies and from what I hear is trying to increase their percentage of software products as that is much higher margin. I had never thought Cisco might take over CRM, but now I give it a 10% chance. Interesting.

I have been eyeing Salesforce a while as it is a dominant player and an obvious takeover target. I think over the next 5 years it will outperform the market. So maybe I need to buy some :wink:

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