CrowdStrike IPO and ESTC acq

(I wrote up my earnings post before this so don’t have CRWD mentioned. I now own a 1% position in CRWD.)

CRWD IPO’d June 12, and was instantly valued a market cap similar to ZS, as expected in this frothy IPO market. But this company is more Saul like than Uber and Beyond Meat. There was a lot of chatter at IPO but I couldn’t respond (I purchased and have to wait 2 days to mention it).

It seems a lot of people in the IPO threads here missed my earlier deep dive on CrowdStrike:

Latest Q:
Revenue 72.8M +124%, +26% seq !!
ARR 313M +121% !!
Gross Margins 66%
Cash 192M

Custs 2516 +103% !!
ACV (ARR/custs) 124.3K +9%
$NRR 147% ^^ +2800bps (vs 127% last Q)

Interestingly, Elastic has purchased a competitor to CRWD in endpoint protection, Endgame.

Endgame Q419
Revenue +111%
$NER 147%
Custs +147%
HQ: Arlington VA

Endpoint protection platform replacing AV, NGAV, anti-exploit prevention, IOC search, and IR reducing cost and complexity of your endpoint environment. A single host agent for prevention, detection and response, managed by a single UI and Security Operations tier.

Cloud, on-premises, and hybrid options meet global compliance and privacy requirements of complex, distributed organizations. Endgame protects all your endpoints - Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris - with no compromises in visibility or response.

Competition: CarbonBlack, CrowdStrike, Cylance, Symantec

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    long CRWD, ESTC