Crowdstrike Q4 2024 Earnings

I think it’s clear that CRWD’s products are better than PANW’s. In case you missed CRWD’s earning transcripts, the CEO emphasized their increasing win rate against competition and sounded very optimistic. He also mentioned that they closed a large deal with their cloud security product which replaced PANW’s.

A global financial services giant replaced their Palo Alto Prisma Cloud products in a large seven-figure deal. The Palo Alto Cloud Security products required separate management consoles and separate agents because cloud security is on a separate Palo Alto platform altogether.

I just sold all of my PANW position after their disappointing earning call, and CRWD’s earning report made me more confident about my decision.

Long CRWD.


In a related note, United Healthcare has announced a major hack of its computer systems. Palo Alto is assisting in resolving the issue, so possibly their software is being used by UHC.

There is a thread on the METAR board: UnitedHealth confirms Russian ransomware gang behind Change Healthcare hack | TechCrunch


Not necessarily PAWN. The incident response team is usually independent of all vendors. Of course the cyber vendors will be engaged.



FYI, I work for Kaiser Permanente in California, in Home Health Services. We switched from Cisco to Palo Alto Networks for at least all offsite laptops about a month ago. I tried to find the actual numbers; but, I was simply told “Just everyone”. Kaiser is the largest employer in California; but again, I could only guess the actual numbers.

No position in Palo Alto Networks,