Crowdstrike Sept - Nov News

I’ve been adding to my $crowd holdings based on the added employee growth that zoom has seen among other recent developments. Remember that Crowdstrike Falcon is licensed on a subscription basis per endpoint. So employee devices like laptops are additional revenue and additional modules also adds to that as well. When an account has a large employee base or is growing, so will their business.

Sept 02
Earnings - Revenue of $199M (+84.1% Y/Y) beats by $10.44M

Sept 02 - Part of Earnings Call
Zoom tapped CrowdStrike to help the videoconferencing giant protect its critical cloud and Linux workloads following the rapid transition to working and socializing from home.

Zoom has 2500 employees in Jan 2020 (wikipedia)
July - India tech center opens
Aug - Singapore data center opens
Zoom has 506 openings on glassdoor (Nov 20)
April 2020 , 2854 employees (est.) (
Linkedin shows 4,154 Employees (Nov)

Sept 30
Announced that TDK Electronics has selected the powerful CrowdStrike Falcon® to protect its endpoints. With CrowdStrike Falcon’s transformative cloud-native platform, powered by single-agent architecture, TDK Electronics has replaced several previous IT security solutions that no longer met increased requirements.

*Note per TDK website there are 107,138 employees ( potential endpoints)…

In Oct and Nov they released several new modules and made several partnerships in the cybersecurity space. McAfee went public again in Oct with a bad debut.

Oct 13
Announced the availability of CrowdStrike Falcon Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA), which delivers continuous real-time security posture assessments across all endpoints in an organization regardless of the location, network or user. CrowdStrike Falcon ZTA enables enforcement of conditional access based on device health and compliance checks to mitigate risks…

Announced the new CrowdStrike Falcon Horizon module to protect multi-cloud environments. Falcon Horizon automates cloud security management across the application development lifecycle for any cloud, enabling customers to securely deploy applications in the cloud with greater speed and efficiency.…

Oct 14
New Module - Introduction of new module offers incident response partners the augmented ability to remediate faster in the wake of a security incident…

Oct 22
McAfee shares fell 6.5% in their trading debut after a $740 million initial public offering in a muted return to the public markets after a decade. The cybersecurity software starting trading Thursday at $18.60, below its $20 IPO price

Oct 22
New Module - CrowdStrike Falcon X Recon, will empower customers with unprecedented visibility into raw intelligence from the hidden recesses of the web to better understand adversaries’ next moves…

Oct 28
Mime cast joins crowd strike elevate partner program…

Nov 6
Malwarebytes Launches New Offering For Joint CrowdStrike Falcon…

Nov 18
Crowdstrike Announced it is a Launch Partner for AWS Network Firewall, a managed service that makes it easy to deploy essential network protections for all of a customer’s Amazon Virtual Private Clouds…

Claroty Partners with CrowdStrike to Protect Industrial Control System Environments…

Nov 19 - Telos goes Public (TLS)
The stock opened at $21.90 and hit a high of $22.20, before closing at $20.29, up 19.35%.


Hi Fools?

I was doing abit of research on telos and i still don’t get how their technology work with its offering like telos ghost.
To me, it seems like a VPN rerouting your location.

Can any techie please further explain the difference and similarity between what they are offering and end point security?

Much appreciated.

Hi pitafool,

Telos ghost is basically a VPN with a 2nd layer of security.

Per their brochure on the website:

The unique architecture and capabilities of the Telos
Ghost network provide high levels of security through
encryption and proprietary-based mesh algorithms for
dynamic IP routing among cloud transit nodes. The
technology built into the Telos Ghost network provides a
second level of security by providing complete anonymity
of your users and their locations.

Basically, they add encryption and their own mesh algo.

I also forgot this piece of crwd news:

Oct 12
Cloudflare One is introduced. (NET)
This week we’re announcing partnerships with CrowdStrike, VMware Carbon Black, SentinelOne, and Tanium.These providers run on devices and ensure that they haven’t been compromised. Again, organizations can centralize around a single vendor for device integrity or can mix and match with Cloudflare One providing a consistent control pane.


Awesome! Thank you!