Cruising up the list

Over the weekend, I was away from home but stopped by one of the libraries in the area. The library has the paper version of Investors Business Daily (IBD) and I occasionally peruse the paper for ideas, or see if any of my picks are in the Top 15 - Top 25.
This week the Top 10 includes two cruise ship owners/operator in
#4 Royal Carribean Lines (RCL)
#9 Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL)

I mentioned this to someone on the boards who is familiar to the sector (Jeff/Washcomp), and he noted that all the cruise line companies are loaded with debt. I was familiar with some of the cruise lines taking on debt to push out their debt during Covid times. But, those companies were close to going under and their business environment was very weak. With improved business conditions, is the debt more manageable?

Don’t know, but apparently IBD thinks so.

No cruise line position.