CRWD down

Anyone have an idea why CRWD is down over 6% today?

Such a solid company, and I understand that our companies can go up and down quite a bit in any given day, but this seems like a more significant drop … trying to see what might be causing it just to better understand the markets (which may be futile).


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Could be because
CrowdStrike director sells $2.65M in shares (25,000 shares)…


Welcome to the board, Miklo. It’s full of all kinds of critters and creatures and we’re glad to have you.

  1. “this seems like a more significant drop.” What makes it seem that way to you? Why is 4% or 13% or 27% not your number? Not being coy, but this points you to something important: you arbitrarily picked a number and assume it’s a standard benchmark by which “importance” is measured. Allow Monkey to reassure you it’s not. Your best course of action would be to squeegee that number out of your brain and replace it with calm. Monkey’s own internal “alarm” number is somewhere between 12-20% drop, depending on what the market is doing. If everything else is going down, it’s usually noise. If everything is up, and my company is down 12+% then I take a look see, after first making a banana daiquiri.

  2. This board is full of professionals. People who are dedicated to investing with deep insight which takes work, time, blood, sweat and a high banana diet. It’s often best to either stay quiet and listen to the conversation, or do some work yourself first and post with something like “I was worried about CRWD, did some research, and saw that it was downgraded by an analyst gorilla. After reading the analysis, it seems mostly irrelevant to our existing thesis, except for this one paragraph.”

  3. Trying to understand the markets is what silly humans do. We analyze businesses.

  4. Your path going forward: breathe, notice the discomfort you’re feeling, and let the emotion pass. Then do the work and share it with us. Don’t place it on others’ shoulders so your own anxiety can be quelled.

  5. Welcome to the board. We hope you bring lots of kick-ass insights down the road.


Monkey (considering adding bananas to his oversized CRWD pile)


(Bloomberg) – Barclays is lining up buyers for a large stake in Crowdstrike Holdings Inc., people familiar with the matter said. Shares fell 1.3% in postmarket trading.

Bankers are offering about 7.5 million shares at $104.00 to $104.71 each, the people said, a 0.95% to 1.62% discount to Thursday’s all-time high closing price. The identity of the selling shareholder has not been announced.

Through Thursday, the stock had advanced 220% from its record low on March 16.

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Monkey - I appreciate your reply and the banana advice you’re shooting over ; )

My message is not one of panic, in fact I saw this as an opportunity to add more CRWD (which I just did)…my goal in posting is to better understand how the market operates and treats our companies - so that we can all make better decisions.

BUT, I do really take your point on doing the homework and adding value for others on the board. I’ve received a lot of value and wisdom from others and I’ll do what I can to repay that with value, insights etc that can help others as well. So thank you!


Not addressing the cause of today’s drop herein but there was a nice summary of CRWD on yesterday (a free article on
link here:… (they have a nice table of some important financial metrics, including revenue, rev growth, margins (op and profit), etc.

Summary of the article: CRWD still has very strong fundamentals (e.g the story hasn’t changed) and remains a good long term investment. They do delve into the current valuation but as those of us who follow this board know, valuation is not the only measure to use to help inform when to buy or sell. The author recommends “buy on weakness”… Guess what? CRWD is on sale today!

I hope you find value in this information.


Well looks like I finally found a place to roll my 3% in Appian to :wink: