CRWD Observation and my top holdings

I don’t think we need another reason to invest in CRWD, but thought this was just one more confirmation.

Peter O. from SoftwareStackInvesting now has a position in CRWD - 9%.…

I have not been reading all his stuff lately due to time constraints, but I have not seen him write on CRWD, and I do not remember him owning a stake at any time in the past.

For my part, I sold some CRWD when it was around $190. Was a little premature. I do not run as concentrated a portfolio as most here, and it helps me “feel better” when I can get my original cost basis out of a stock. I’m not recommending this to anyone else - it’s just what helps me sleep better at night, and that’s more important to me than trying to maximize my returns. So, I sold 2/5 of my shares and kept the rest, and they are now in the “long term hold” category for me. Even after selling, it is still a 7.1% position for me.

Top positions - Bitcoin 12.9%, TDOC 11.1%, TMDX 8.6%, NVCR 7.7%, CRWD 7.1%, GH 5.7%, DDOG 4.4%, PINS 3.7%.

  • Added recently to NET (4.2% currently) and hoping to get a little more in the next couple weeks.
  • Sold some MGNI recently (currently 4.8%) - I sold for the same reason given above for CRWD - to get my cost basis out.

Top 10 positions are about 70% of portfolio. The rest is made up of about 15 smaller positions and 7% cash.

I am new to the board this year - started reading in March I think. Wish so badly that I had been here sooner, but I am thankful I found it when I did. I don’t track my returns closely enough to give an exact number, but I think my total return this year was around 100%. I will lose a big chunk of that to taxes because nearly all of it is in a taxable account, and I bought/sold a lot during the year.

On a person note, I was recently laid off from my job of 27 years. I was blessed to get another job relatively quickly and I will start working on 1/18. It hurt at first, but one good thing about it is that my old 401k will now be able to transfer to an IRA where I will be able to buy individual stocks!!!

Thanks to all and Happy New Year.