I came across this article today. This is the best overall summary I have seen and thought it might be helpful to others.

I bought some more CRWD today. I’m planning to try to get some more later this afternoon - I’m hoping Trumps news conf on China causes a downturn so I can get a little better price.

This has been my best purchase from the March dip. This and DDOG are the 2 SaaS companies I am seeing that are getting the best results, and are owned by the most people.


Here is another good informative piece for CRWD - but you can only access it if you belong to MF premium services. It’s a long video and the only part that pertains to CRWD is near the end at the 7 hour 30 minute mark - “Dueling Fools”. They give a bull and bear case. Very informative. Lasts about 30 minutes (20 if you watch at 1.5x speed).