Crypto - not with an 11 foot pole

Crypto industry fears ‘domino effect of bankruptcies and liquidations’ as bitcoin struggles to stay above key $20,000 level - after dropping to $17,500 over the weekend

Bitcoin held just above $20,000 Monday after dropping to lows not seen in years

Over the weekend, the world’s No. 1 cryptocurrency fell as low as $17,601.58

Investors now say issues at major crypto players could see more market fallout

Crypto has been hit by a number of factors in recent months, ranging from the collapse of stablecoin terraUSD to questions of solvency at crypto lender Celsius

Macroeconomic factors including high inflation and upcoming rate hikes from the Federal Reserve are also further hampering the already embattled market

The Fed raising of rates to quell inflation - which reached a rate of 8.6 percent last month - could have an unintended effect on crypto, economists warn…

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Dave, I agree about not wasting money on non productive crypto but what is so special about 11 foot poles? Is it just inflation vs. the traditional 10 foot pole? :innocent:

This morning I was watching a video about how intergenerational economies compare and their causes and effects. The video produces lots of interesting facts but does not end with a useful conclusion. Housing is a main topic. One interesting factoid about housing is that it robs capital from productive enterprises which is true of crypto which produces nothing.

Very early on, when I was just getting started in the business world and was about to get married, I asked a trusted and experienced friend whether it was better to buy or to rent housing. His response, “Depends. If you are going to be an employee, buy. If you are going into business, rent and put your money in the business.” The equivalent message is evident in the video.

Young Generations Are Now Poorer Than Their Parents And It’s Changing Our Economies

The Captain’s
father first put his money in the business and later bought the house with the money the business produced…