Currency Stuff EUR = USD

While everyone in the US has their eyeballs trained to our inflation numbers, the Euro has dropped to parity with the USD for the first time I can remember. And the British Pound has dropped to a paltry $1.13USD.

Carefully consider both the short-term challenges ahead for Europe as well as the long term prospects when you evaluate apparent bargains both here and abroad. Global business is likely to take a major hit because of this factor as well as China’s poor response to COVID and will accelerate any US domestic recession.



The BOE, Swiss, Swedish and other central bankers are moving to up their interest rates.

The USD will moderate against the pound and euro.

The value of western currencies will rise more in unison.

The RMB peg to the USD is the real story of what will happen to China. There is no pegging successfully to the USD longer term. It is ruinous to try.

India is the winner. Taking the long road India is going for tech integration with the west. While there is a give and take in what is good and bad about Modi, the Indian economy has huge longer term upside.