Cyber Chapter 0

I had promised myself to do a write up for the board but could not do it before vacation started. Maybe this week between time in the sun :wink:

Anyway, the chart was very strong last two days.

Finviz has interesting charts with lots of tabular data

up strong on strong volume while the market it down. That means the big boys are liking it. This is probably thanks to our inept gov IT systems that were recently breached (again). Even with the market drop at the end of the day, it held most of its gains. An “IBD” intermediate term growth investor would be looking for a breakout on strong volume, and we did hit new highs out of a good base, but then faded a bit. For that type of investor, the market is probably not in strong enough shape to buy a breakup, it wants to be in a confirmed uptrend and (without checking), I suspect we are “under pressure” or maybe in a correction, which means keep your powder dry. This board does not add ‘buy points’ to the fundamentals like IBD. Just another way.

'Among leaders, CyberArk Software (NASDAQ:CYBR) and Ambarella (NASDAQ:AMBA) jumped to the head of the IBD 50 list with healthy early gains.

Finviz has interesting charts with lots of tabular data
I am a big fan of Cyber, but I suspect by the guidelines of this board it is greatly overvalued. PE=362, Forward PE =115, PEG=62
EPS change this year 250% EPS next year 38%. At least it has current earnings

Any reason to investigate further?

Palo Alto is the leader, no current earnings, but EPS next year = $1.60 for a forward PE of 108


It is very important that they have gone from a non GAAP loss of about 14 cents a share to a non GAAP gain of about 16 cents. Software is a great business because it scales so easily, and profitably. I looked at their gross margins, not sure if they are the most recent number in CAPS data, but 88% gross margins. Very nice.

Worth a deeper look but it is too late for me. Tomorrow is another day :wink:

I have been in and out and back in again with this stock. I missed the initial rise but eventually got in late around the 38 mark, out at ~62 and back in at ~52. We were so close to a break out at 69 but it seems to have retraced a little now.

This is definitely an interesting high growth emerging profitability stock in a hot sector at a lower than peer market cap.

I’m happy to ride this stock in this sector with these fundamentals for now.