As a physician, I work at a pretty highly academic place. This one intrigued me although not my field. As a surgeon, I have had a lot of really sick patients. With sepsis, they get the kitchen sink thrown at them in terms of treatments. Much of it no one knows will help or not. If patients get better, most of the time you have no idea which thing you did was the difference, or maybe none of it was. Controlling for variables borders on impossible. These treatment satisfy two primary motivations during these emotionally charged hours: “if there is a chance” and “need to do something”.

When I read about this, and I do not care for sepsis anymore, my initial thought was this would not work. There are just too many issues with sepsis. There are entire societies based on studying it. No one knows how to cure it. I just don’t believe some company has solved it and is selling a product. I looked for literature and there is none really, it is all indirect. That may be an advantage right now though.

I have access to an internationally famous sepsis researcher, who heads several NIH grants. I asked him and here is his reply, I thought some may be interested:

So… yes I have heard of the technology although not this specific technology. The person they namecheck (John Kellum) is absolutely first rate. I likely know who they are working with at Penn’s Vet School as well. There are significant questions as to whether or not cytokine storm plays a driving role in sepsis. They believe this pretty strongly in Japan (even though this is based out of Europe) but the data is fairly lacking. As you likely know, every single trial ever done in sepsis has failed, so it is quite high risk. So if you are in a very high risk/high reward, could be interesting.

Now can they sell a bunch of product as trials are done and completed, as doctors wait for data to come out? Definately.

This one is a lotto ticket to me. Parts of the story make sense, but in the way that you could think a Hail Mary could possibly be caught. Lots of dollars can be earned in investments in medical stocks with very little data (see MAKO), so for many it is worth doing.

My best to all involved, please keep positions small.



Hi Gator;

Appreciate your input from the perspective of a physician. Just curious, what is your assessment of cytosob in cardiac surgery?

But one way or another, it is in such an early stage of development, it is SPECULATIVE, if not outright gamble. So keep the position tiny is what I will do.


Is Cytosorb the same company as CTSO? How small is small? I haven’t ever invested in any sort of medical stocks, but looking over their materials, they look like interesting penny stocks.


Small is up to the individual I guess. Small enough that you are OK losing all the money.

If this machine/tech works, it will have solved one of the greatest medical challenges in history. It would be akin to developing antibiotics. I am dubious such a thing exists right in front of our noses.

But if that is true, then a few shares is all you will need. You will be a very rich person indeed.

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