Dagen McDowell and Zoom

This is the second morning Dagen McDowell of Fox Business News has been negative about Zoom and it’s connection with China. Claims Zoom has a good part of their operation there and China is somewhat controlling.

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I don’t know who Dagen McDowell is but personally I wouldn’t pay that any attention. It doesn’t seem to be hurting ZM’s share price in any meaningful way… up $18+ so far today and it’s only just after 10 AM.

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Going only buy what you wrote here, that is true. Zoom is available in China, and the part that is in China is subject to China’s laws. This is true of every country they, and every other company, operate in. Zoom does however control its routes and China does not have control over the people who use Zoom but are not in China.


Apparently she doesn’t believe the China connection herself, as she tweets to her own “happy hour group” to “Zoom and drink together!”


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