Datadog Announces Real-Time Monitoring for Confl

Datadog partners with Confluent to provide deep visibility into the health and performance of fully managed, cloud-native Apache Kafka® clusters…

Why this matters
This represents good news for DDOG as it continues to expand its base and deepens its capabilities for their current customers. More optionality.

It’s also a validation for CFLT. While I know very smart people analized this stock in the forum and concluded they are not yet there, I cannot help myself with but buy a few shares to test waters at CFLT. I see it is the early innings of this company and while the big cloud providers do have similar solutions, I can say firsthand that CFLT wins them with focus and added value services, which the big clouds find hard to match. So like DOCN, it’s a good value proposition for small and medium organizations with data in motion.