My company was evaluating Datadog for couple of weeks and last week we got an email that we have signed up with them. There were will be quite a few different support groups using it. I’m not quite sure how they get paid. I think per user?



Depends on what your company signed up for. Here’s a snippet from Software Stack Investing… (https://softwarestackinvesting.com/datadog-ddog-stock-analys…)

Here is short summary of pricing options for each product:

Infrastructure: The infrastructure service is charged on a per host basis. There is a free tier, which allows usage up to 5 hosts. This is a good bootstrap option to hook start-ups. The first paid plan is called “Pro”, which covers all the basic infrastructure monitoring features, including standard metrics, canned dashboards, alerts and 15 month data retention. The “Enterprise” plan costs $23/host/month and adds advanced features, like machine learning, anomaly detection, forecast modeling and live processes.

Log Management: There is a charge of $0.10 per GB of ingested data. This receives the basic functions of parsing, enrichment, metric generation and archiving. The operator can tail this data, build summary graphs and direct to an index. In order to examine the raw data for analysis, it must be retained for a period of time. The cost of retention varies based on the retention period and volume of data. Retention costs range from $1.06 for 3 days to $4.10 for 60 days per million events. Logs rehydrated from archived storage incur the retained charge as well.

APM: Distributed tracing and APM costs $31 per host per month. App analytics capabilities can be layered on for $1.70 per million analyzed spans.

Network: Network traffic monitoring costs $5 per host per month.

Synthetics: The cost for synthetic test varies based on whether they are browser based or API tests. API tests are $5 per 10,000 test runs per month. Browser tests are significantly more expensive at $12 per 1,000 tests per month. This makes sense, as API tests are much easier to program and run.
RUM: Real User Monitoring costs $15 per 10,000 user sessions per month.
Datadog’s pricing structure is fair. Charging on a per host and usage basis allows companies to start small and scale their use as they grow. This price structure is likely the major driver of the high net expansion rate. It is easy to see how a company could start with one service and then add more over time. Similarly, as a company’s traffic grows, they would scale up their Datadog spend.



Yea, I don’t know all the details. I know there will be a lot of log monitoring. Even my boss asked our support guy to look into it to see if it’ll be useful for us. A couple of us have complained how we don’t have any log monitoring yet. So let’s see.

My goal for the post really was that the covid isn’t stopping DDOG from getting more clients. My firm is 100% WFH. They recently opened offices in Taiwan and HK on a voluntary basis. They announced on a town hall this week that they are no in no rush to open US office at least until September. They’ll basically see what other companies do and if the numbers go up or not. I think they’d rather not open and close and just do it one time since they’re hearing productivity has gone up since WFH and they’re happy with how things are currently.

A couple of us have complained how we don’t have any log monitoring yet.

One might note that log monitoring in itself sounds very un-exciting, but the point is that by monitoring logs one has the potential to catch problems early, perhaps even before they become active problems, and when the fix can be applied to lessen or eliminate disruption. For a 24x7x52 shop, this can be a very big deal since it is the difference between a break in service or not.