Dell to use AMD chips in Laptops

Once upon a time that headline would have triggered a ticker tape parade…

Now I’m thinking we’ll be battling Qualcomm for those dollars rather than Intel.

According to a massive leak discovered yesterday, Dell is considering AMD silicon for its flagship XPS 16 laptop, which will be released in 2027. This would mark the first AMD chip in an XPS laptop or desktop computer in over 18 years when a Phenom II shipped in the budget XPS 625 in 2009.

Dell’s leak occurred when VideoCardz discovered confidential documents inadvertently uploaded to a public download website. The presentation includes Dell’s roadmap for its XPS line for the next 3+ years, revealing its upcoming XPS 13 Plus’s performance with Snapdragon X along with the mobile roadmaps of Qualcomm, Intel, and Nvidia. In the release plans is a refresh for the XPS 16 to arrive in 2027, nicknamed “Performante.” Unlike the earlier laptops, which have specific chip architectures planned for use, Dell is considering using Intel, Qualcomm, and/or AMD’s chips for Performante in 2027.

Thankfully for AMD, the leaks did not spoil its processor roadmap. Intel will use the previously leaked Nova Lake processor by 2027, and Qualcomm will be between Snapdragon X’s second and third generations for Performante’s release. 2027 outpaces even the most ambitious AMD roadmap leaks, besides the likelihood that AMD will release Zen 6 by this point.


“Considering” using AMD in the XPS, and we still have to wait until 2027! But at least Dell currently sells other laptops with AMD chips. These look nice and use the 8000 series, which was a nice surprise to me! 16 GB, 1 TB, 8840U for $900, though the display is rather low end:

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