Developing world: keep us out of it…

**Anti-Russia Alliance Is Missing a Big Bloc: The Developing World**
**Nations are resisting economic sanctions and voicing criticism over the Ukraine invasion, fearful of political and economic repercussions from Moscow or Beijing**
**By Joe Parkinson, David Luhnow and Juan Forero, The New York Times, Apr. 14, 2022**


**Yet even after the massacre of civilians in Bucha, Ukraine, 24 countries of the 141 United Nations member states voted last week against removing Russia from the United Nations Human Rights Council; 58 member states abstained, including India, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia and South Africa. ...Chinese leaders have positioned themselves as speaking for developing nations about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ... disquiet among developing nations at being pressured to take moral positions on complex international questions....**

**The past two decades have seen a shift in how the developing world views the U.S., Russia and China. Moscow has spent billions on expanding trade, diplomatic ties and military ties, from selling weapons to Venezuela and India to delivering wheat exports to much of Africa. Beijing has been flexing its economic muscle with the building of dams, roads, bridges, pipelines and railways in dozens of countries world-wide through its Belt-and-Road initiative....** [end quote]

It’s interesting that China still positions itself as a developing nation despite having the world’s 2nd largest economy.

The developing world has good reasons to distance themselves from a European-centered war. (Discussed in the article.)

Much of the developing world has achieved a middle-class level of prosperity over the past 3 decades. They buy a lot. They have tremendous human and material resources. China has worked with this far more than the U.S.



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“When elephants fight the grass gets trampled.”

The US, EU, and Russia have a long unhappy history of proxy wars in many developing countries.

I suspect many developing countries think it’s merely Ukraine’s turn in the barrel. As long as the elephants are trashing Ukraine, they aren’t trashing “my” country.



It’s interesting that China still positions itself as a developing nation despite having the world’s 2nd largest economy.

The assets of the country divide out to about $5000 per capita. India is that number.

The western world is all over $100k per capita in assets.

It takes time to build those assets.

I am guessing the wealth chart I put up a month ago was based on national assets.

It could have been based on GDP. China then would rate higher, but still the has around X4 more people than the US.