Dexit and the EU

The AfD are threatening to take Germany out of the EU:

Solution, ban AfD

Germany leaving the EU would cause a few economic problems for Europe

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You are supposed to OUT-VOTE them. If you can’t there might be something wrong with your platform.

The Captain


Agreed, and in most cases that works. (A glaring exception was the USA in 2020, where we did vote them out, and they tried to overthrow the results anyway and still lie about it). But in Germany they have a very close and dark relationship with the far right. I’m not surprised they would want to ban such a party, and not sure I would disagree with them doing that.


The AfD “leaders” must be learning impaired, to not have seen what happened to the UK: shortage of farm labor, loss of EU export markets. Germany runs a surplus with the rest of the EU. Does the AfD really want everyone else in the EU to be driving Peugeots, instead of VWs?

On a calendar and seasonally adjusted basis, Germany exported goods to the value of 67.5 billion euros to the Member States of the European Union (EU) in December 2023, while it imported goods to the value of 54.3 billion euros from these countries in the same period. Compared with November 2023, calendar and seasonally adjusted exports to the EU countries dropped by 5.5% and imports from these countries fell by 7.4%. The value of the goods exported to euro area countries totalled 47.3 billion euros (-6.0%), and the value of the goods imported from these countries was 36.2 billion euros (-7.5%). Goods to the value of 20.2 billion euros (-4.1%) were exported to EU countries not belonging to the euro area, while the value of the goods imported from those countries was 18.1 billion euros (-7.2%).


Is that including or excluding the subsidies they fund to the rest of the EU (mostly to the southern parts of the EU)?


In 1900 the IQ factored was lower. People coming into the urban areas from the farms gained IQ. The entire test was readjusted by 20 points so that once again 100 was average.

We have a lack of trust from that once-rural agrarian society.

I agree vote them out.

I also agree the courts and legislatures should be used freely in the game. If a criminal can not get standing to run all the better.

Usually, felons can not vote never mind hold office.

Does not matter to me who your daddy was.

There is no majority for that, 80%+ of Germans want to remain in the EU. Never mind Businesses.


The thing is, those trade balance surpluses largely translate into a jumbo credit balance in favour of Germany at the ECB’s Target2 system, while the net importers are in uncolleteralized debt there - else they would run out of money.

It‘s a giant vendor financing operation, and we all know how that ended.

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How did it end? And which example are you referring to?


They probably paid more attention to the solid majorities the perpetrating party received since 2017, riding on a wave of rah-rah nationalism. Even though the hangover has arrived finally.

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He is probably referring to the “club Med” defaults, when the southern EU could not pay it’s bills from the north.

So, which costs the German taxpayers more, financing “club Med”, so they can keep buying German products, or supporting the German workers (net of guest workers sent back to Turkey) that lost their jobs due to the drop in German exports?


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German corporations need to recapitalize. Just like the US in the 1980s.

The UK needs a factory buildout. Two very different economies.

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