Discontinuing Medicare Part B

I am a 78 year old retiree with a service-connected disability rated at 90 percent. I receive all my health care from the VA Health Care System. I discontinued Medicare Part D after my wife died in 2019 as the VA Health Care System’s prescription drug coverage is considered equivalent to Medicare Part D.

After retiring in 2013, I started Medicare Part B as my wife and I were no longer covered under my employer’s health plan. This was done, primarily, to provide health care coverage to my wife. I maintained Medicare Part B coverage after my wife died in case there was some need for me to receive medical attention in an emergency.

The basic Medicare Part B premium wasn’t to odious price to pay for something that I would rarely, if ever, use. Unfortunately, my income from two small pensions, Social Security benefit, RMD, and dividends and interest earned in taxable accounts has grown since 2013. I am now subject to IRMAA Tier 5 premiums for Medicare Part B.

Can anyone suggest reasons for not discontinuing the $6,330 annual expense for Medicare Part B that I can’t use?