Disney to build houses!

If you are looking to live the Disney Life you are now in luck as the company announces new home developments: https://people.com/travel/disney-announces-plans-for-storyli…

There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow…


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I don’t fully understand the model here…will DIS own these locations? Sounds like they will be run by someone else, and that DIS will not expose itself to risk of ownership; it’s almost as if this is just a licensing operation. Nothing wrong with that, of course, it would make more sense to me if that were the case.

Interesting note at the end about the Celebration town. I sort-of recall that. I’ll have to look more into it and see how that is faring these days.

I could see DIS maybe making reality shows for D+ at these locations, and maybe even making a fictional film/series. The residents probably would love it…

We’ve been through Celebration twice as once by accident, wrong turn off highway, and the next time to scout out a house. The move to Florida fell part after a job change but the houses we saw were very nice and the town squares a great idea and well thought out.

From what I remember Disney setup Celebration as a completely separate but totally Disney Company owned entity, similar to Reed Creek Development.



That’s interesting. I am going to check out videos of the town. The square I would imagine would be really nice.

If Disney became a consultant and designed towns like this there could be a lot of money in it. I could imagine a DIS-based REIT coming out of this…

I could imagine a DIS-based REIT coming out of this…

Interesting idea and probably a good investment.

I remember when Disney was opening Disney Vacation Club sales offices inside some of the larger Disney Stores. When I was a licensed Realtor I had filled out an application with the DVC for a sales position but Disney decided to cut back on the number of stores in New England.

The only Disney Retail Store or Outlet in the Northeast is now in Times Square New York.


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