DLE Lithium Recovery Technology

Direct Lithium Extraction

The October 3 issue of C&EN has an article on DLE technology, which is preferred as an alternative to the evaporation ponds method used to recover lithium from brines. DLE avoids waste streams by returning spent brine to the source. And it can be faster. McKinsey says twice as efficient as evaporation ponds but yet to be proven commercially.

The article mentions recent players.

SQM in Chile is evaluating solvent extraction, adsorption, ion exchange, and membranes. To run along side their evaporation ponds. More fresh water required. SQM plans a desalination plant to replace process water.

Lilac Solutions in Argentina. Ion exchange. Demo plant operated by Lake Resources.
Tetra Technologies in Arkansas. Adsorption.
Standard Lithium in Arkansas (leased from Tetra Technology)
Compass Minerals Great Salt Lake Utah. Adsorption.



C&EN article describes recent developments in lithium mining and processing.