DLO - DLocal Limited - Opportunity?

I’m very new to this board and have only started investing with Motley Fool recommendations for less than a year (which has been painful recently, but I believe in the strategy). I’ve enjoyed reading this board and thought I might propose a new company that might meet this board’s criteria.

DLO - DLocal Limited

Revenue Growth >60% for 2020 & 2021 (+134.4% YOY for Q1)
High Cash to Debt Ratio ($410.29M vs $9.95M for Q1)
Positive Free Cash Flow ($75.80M for Q1)
High Gross Margins >50% (55.4% for Q1)

Seems to be a promising company that creates payment solution services for large U.S./foreign companies to do business in emerging markets.

From the Motley Fool:
“The annual volume of payments DLocal has processed grew from $1.3 billion in 2019 to $6.0 billion in 2021.”


I would encourage (and remind) new members that while these boards are arcane and difficult to navigate, there is a search facility available thanks to some users who’ve linked them for us. When in a message, there is a search link on the right side (may be at bottom of the message when on mobile device). It seems few members know about this function.

A quick search of Dlocal showed me several threads that it has been discussed prior including another member (Kakawa93) bringing it to the board in October 2021 here: