DOCU Reports

I took a quick look at DOCU and here’s some topline thoughts.

  1. Revenue Growth is slowing. Revenue is at $5118M +50% (last quarter revenue was up 58%)
  2. Non-GAAP operating margin is steady at 78% (no change from last quarter)
  3. Billings were $595.4M, an increase of 47% year-over-year (last quarter were up 54%)
  4. Cash flow $161.7M compared to 99.8M year earlier.
  5. Non-GAAP earnings at 0.47 from 0.17 a year earlier

They mentioned their software was integrated with some Salesforce and SAP products.

Finally, the CEO’s comments were pretty much limited to he was proud of the company.

My pre-conference call first take, revenue growth is slowing, but the business is scaleable. Though revenue growth is slowing, profits are growing at a much more rapid clip. Up about 176%.

After hours, the market is seems to be mildly disappointed, DOCU down about 2% as I write. I’m not sure I will trim right away, but I would like to find opportunities with expanding revenue growth, when I can.