Does IBD Offer Any Value to Would-be Swing Traders?

"Regrettably, the IBD Swing Trader performance has been inconsistent — this remains a complaint in many a Swing Trader review.

“In 2020, the platform averaged 1.2% profit per trade; over 40% of trades closed at a loss. In the first half of 2021, IBD SwingTrader returned 11.7% — better than the year before, but lacking compared to the S&P 500’s 17.0% performance.”

Pretty sucky, I say, compared to what someone using Quill’s methods might have achieved, or just buying an index fund and going fishing instead.

Good thing I don’t use IBD Swing Trader. But I am sure trying SS3 and posting-real time. Join the thread, buy and post.

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‘No, Pete. You aren’t aplying SS3. You’'re applying your mistaken version of it and not having much success, I gather.

Oh, well.

It is hard to mistake a 2-rule system. Perhaps you could stop sniping and participate in the real-time thread in a positive way. I take it you were not a teacher or salesman in your previous life.