Don't worry, Vision Pro is less than a month away!

Get your Apple Cards ready people! (I’m looking at you, wecoguy. :blush:)

I can’t wait for some in-depth reviews from the usual Youtube “influencers”.

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I’m interested, for sure, but can I justify the expanse? I’m still behind on my watch (5) and my iPhones, 11’s… My DW CFO is holding out for more medical gadgets in a new watch, but also interested in the Vision Pro… So Double down, or wait a bit…

They are vastly different decisions! A new watch can be had for about $400, the vision pro thing will be over $4000 (base unit + external battery + corrective lenses if necessary + tax).

Written in the midst of packing to go to Puerto Vallarta for a week’s escape with inlaws, Grandson… Cooler there than we expected… Just home again…

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