Doomed from the start? Nvidia-Arm buy

Doomed from the start? Why Nvidia failed to buy Arm from SoftBank…

More ARM; Useful read from CNBC-FEB 8, 2022

The semiconductor giants issued a joint statement Tuesday saying the deal has been scrapped due to “significant regulatory challenges.”

Hermann Hauser, an entrepreneur who was instrumental in the development of the first Arm processor, came out strongly against the deal.

British lawmakers including shadow Business Secretary Ed Miliband and tech giants like Qualcomm, Google and Microsoft followed suit.

Opponents had several gripes with the acquisition, ranging from tech sovereignty to U.K. job security.

ARM technology is widely licensed through cell phones, vehicles, etc,:

“Arm licenses its “architecture” to hundreds of companies around the world. Apple uses them in iPhones and iPads, Amazon uses them in Kindles, and car manufacturers use them in vehicles.”

Softbank planning to IPO ARM in 2023. Maybe list in Britain, or in NYSE.

Softbank bought the independent ARM in 2016 for $32 billion.

It was always a long shot. A customer buys a supplying IP company and all the other customers will just say “sure, ok”?