Dorian LPG announce quarterly results

Dorian LPG (LPG) announced their Q3 2024 results today (company is on a non-typical fiscal cycle)

For the LPG tanker segment, Dorian have suggested the upcycle is the second half of the year (for the company, that’s fiscal Q2 & Q3). Current VLGC rates have plunged dramatically, so the company’s observation seems to have borne out. All that said, Dorian LPG has been my most significant shipping investment in 2024 YTD.

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The Earnings Call transcript has some additional points. My takeaway

  • There is a plan to convert some of the VLGCs to Ammonia carriers. The conversion cost is not too expensive ($5M on the higher end)
  • 60% done at over $100K daily and Dorian expect to avoid the market lows
  • Improvements in Panama Canal transit will reduce tonne miles. But Chinese festive season will also temper demand.
  • Steps to improve emissions

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