Dumb Money Discussion on AI & Tesla's new Partnership with Uber

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I agree. The economic potential is huge, cars replaced horses while humanoid robots will replace workers. A humanoid robot should be less costly than an EV. A $20,000 robot could replace a worker who costs over $100,00 per year! Since Tesla is so diversified, it can start using the robots in house in a variety of environments. A robot only company does not have such a great testing/training playground. The synergies are fantastic.

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Looked at from an investor’s point of view ‘arrival’ is crossing the chasm which is likely several years in the future. The risk averse should wait for that crossing. In EVs I figured it was 2020. Investors who bought earlier made a huge bundle but with a much larger risk profile. The interesting thing about the Optimus robot is that you can invest early with less risk because the stock is backed by half or a dozen other product lines, EVs, charging, insurance, FSD, storage local and megapacks. You don’t get such opportunities with one trick ponies.

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