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BREAKING: NVIDIA DROPS Bombshell DEMOS of 9 Humanoids! (

This video is a run through of an NVIDIA presentation related to humanoid robot development. WOW!! Nine fully built bots on stage, with others that weren’t there, that are just as scary/neat/fun/thought provoking as Boston Dynamics work has been for the nerds that have been following. Now we know there are LOTS of companies in this space. (OH! Tesla’s bot was NOT in this group.)

The point here is that NVIDIA has a fully developed system for programming, testing, real world application for all of these companies to build out their robots.

I see many investment opportunities (I own two at moment) , but I also see a LOT of ‘what am I as a human’ type of questions here. WOW. (To lean hard on a cliche) Are we seeing the future now?

I have Nvidia and Sound as my AI stocks, what are other thoughts on stocks that would still fit into Sauldom? (Meaning, not some teensy loss leader of a company that has not proven anything and has no products yet…)


The most expensive and important part of the robots is not the hardware but the AI that powers them. It made sense for Nvidia to create an AI Training Lab as a Service (AITLaaS) :slight_smile: for their customers. Tesla has its own facilities required for FSD.

For those interested in my opinion about investing in humanoid robots, I posted the same video with my comments at METaR

The Robots are Coming!

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It was definately a fascinating close for the GTC keynote. Probably veering pretty off-topic for Saul’s, but it is a new direction for NVIDIA and likely to turn into some success over the coming next few years. But Data Center is what any investors today should care about – industrial digitization, autonomous auto & robotics, and now humanoid robotics are all later waves to come. All are nascent, and this one especially so. However, unlike those other new directions, I do think humanoid robotics could grow much more quickly and really hit the mainstream before those other waves.

There were 9 humanoid robots that rose onto the stage (and that “Jensen Huang” bot that joined them), but NVIDIA mentioned they are working with 12 partners overall.

Tesla’s Optimus bot was not among them, and is not likely to be using this system. The “brain” of Tesla’s bot are its own SoC design. If it isn’t based on NVIDIA then it is not as likely to be using NVIDIA’s new GR00T-based platform. (Though Omniverse Cloud does have other benefits, including physics-based simulation engines that might still be useful even w/o using Jetson chips.)

I just wrote up a bit on this new NVIDIA’s new humanoid robot platform my GTC post: NVIDIA's GTC announcements

  • Omniverse Cloud was extended into becoming an end-to-end platform for the coming wave of humanoid robots, including the new GROOT robotic AI, Jetson Thor robotic controller modules, and Osmo controller & AI integrator (syncs the centralized AI to the robot’s AI).

If you are curious, the robots on stage w/ Jensen were: Figure 01, Unitree H1, Apptronik Apollo, Agility Digit, (Human Jensen), Sanctuary Phoenix, 1X Neo, Fourier GR-1, Boston Dynamics Atlas, Xpeng PX5.



This interview with Burnt Bornish, CEO Founder of Humanoid robot company X1. He’s partnered with Open AI before Chat GPT and is one of the companies on the Stage with Jensen Huang at GTC. They also have robots doing real work outside of the R&D budgets at several customer companies.
Burnt appears to be a genius, with hindsite. He’s also able to explain things at a granular level, in a clear simple way. X1 is a private company; but, if you’re invested Tesla or interested in Humanoid robotics, this interview is full of insight there. I wish this guy and Elon would merge somehow, not at all likely.

The X1 Neo is based nearly entirely on the Movie Beta Max. Brent says, in order to bring this completely vertically integrated company, with there own AI stack (mark 10:30) to be able to bring Neo into the home is not partnering with Nvidia?

He gives good reasoning behind why they’ll be able to scale from hundreds of androids now to thousands, when the large multimodal model they have is ready to understand the humans emotions when interacting.

It all sounds too good to be true, quite honestly.


Go to 17:25 and listen to what it has to say. A robot has 10 percent of a chance of doing any task that it hasn’t seen and they can train a robot on any task. That is huge.



I have no idea what you are saying here. Could you clarify?


Sorry for not taking the time to better communicate in my last post.

I said that 1x’s Neo was inspired by the movie Beta Max. Beta Max was the robot in the movie Big hero 6.

In addition, I pointed out that despite the fact that 1X’s robot Neo was on stage with Jensen Huang at Nvidia’s GTC, after listening to the interview above, I came away with the fact that 1X does not partner with Nvidia.

I found these two points not only interesting but I am looking for another’s take on these opinions of mime. I find it difficult to believe Jensen Huang would have a robot on his stage that was not partnering with Nvidia’s Robotics platform, GROOT. Perhaps 1X is simply using enough GPUs that they were deemed deserving of a place up there?


Jensen would be motivated to show AI robotics partnerships in any form. That point of view would certainly support including practically any user of any NVDA tech that fit the theme of Humanoid AI robots.