Dutch government will spend $2.7 billion to try to persuade ASML not to expand abroad

The outgoing Dutch government plans to spend $2.7 Billion to improve housing, education, transportation and the electric grid in response to ASML CEO Wennink’s complaints about imminent changes in Dutch policy due to a new right wing government, including plans to end a tax break for skilled migrants on whom ASML relies heavily (40% of employees are foreign)

‘ASML also said the government has been failing to invest properly to improve infrastructure in the booming Eindhoven technology hub where it is based, from highways to housing to electrical grid improvements.’

‘A Reuters survey of Dutch blue-chip companies this month found that more than a dozen were considering moving operations outside the Netherlands. Many complained that after populist parties booked major gains in a national election last November, parliament has been pushing through policies without considering the long-term impact.’

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