Dycom beats...

…and gets beaten. This looks like one of those irrational things where they beat AND they said next quarter will be above current expectations. Curious.


Dycom said it earned $1.24 a share on revenue of $659.3 million. Analysts were expecting the company to earn $1.01 a share on revenue of $625.6 million.

For the upcoming second quarter, Dycom said it expects to earn between 52 cents and 60 cents a share, well ahead of the 39 cent consensus. Revenue guidance between $530 million and $550 million is also comfortably ahead of the $528 million analysts are expecting.

Nonetheless, the shares slumped today after rising in after-hours trading Monday.

There are a couple nice analyst reviews there too that are very positive an provide a nice explanation of what the company does. It meets our 1YPEG criteria.

I am adding more, wish I had time to have found this while it was tanking in the AM.


Sanity returned, closed the day up 3%. It started up, fell all the way to the 50dma and then finished at the top of the range. Stange. Low was 79.31 and close was $88.56. Not bad. Volume was yuge (422% increase)

This is in one of our Google docs, I will try to update that this week once I learn is I need special access to update.

EPS Due Date2/24/2016
EPS % Chg (Last Qtr) 110%
3 Year EPS Growth Rate 32%
EPS Est % Chg (Current Yr) 36%
Annual ROE 17%
Sales % Chg (Last Qtr) 29%
3-Year Sales Growth Rate 17%
Debt % 103%
Market Cap $2.87 bil
Profit Margin 6.7%
Sector Telecom
Industry Group Telecom-Infrastructure
Industry Group Rank 37


Saul/Kevin, In the next KnowedgeBase update please put a small paragraph about the spreadsheets and the rules on updating them. Thanks.

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