Dycom (DY)

Kevin posted some INFN related items on the RB board which also show why you might want to like Dycom. Dycom does the digging, fiber lays and often equipment installs in carrier locations. Here is what was said about carriers that applies to INFN and DY…

CenturyLink and Windstream (Infinera customers) are making inroads with their long haul build outs AND THEY ARE NOT DONE YET


In September, 10 carriers accepted a combined $1.5 billion under CAF2 to build out broadband access in underserved regions. The same carriers are slated to receive similar installments for the next five years, making the total planned CAF2 distributions greater than $9 billion over six years. Adtran has existing customer relationships with seven of the 10 CAF2 Carriers, and is actively engaged in CAF2-related projects and/or requests for proposals (RFPs) with all 10, according to our checks. We think the CAF2 equipment opportunity for the industry in 2016 is about $500 million, of which about $300 million is the type of access equipment Adtran and Calix sells

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