Earnings Calls

I am trying to learn from Saul and the excellent posters here how to make my own decisions. One good way is to listen to the quarterly earnings calls. As an AP Psychology/math teacher at a public hs during the pandemic, with one kiddo still in school, I find it difficult to listen in real time/ find the time, more generally.

I was listening to a podcast that discussed an App that aggregates earning calls and makes them available to listen to live (I believe) as well as as little as 15-20 minutes after the call has completed. If one listens to the recorded version, one can pause, replay or even speed up the earnings call.

The company is called Borsa (which refers to the market in several languages) and the App is called “Earnings Calls” and is FREE. Its symbol is a white lower case b with a light blue background. Hopefully this will be helpful to others.



I’ve heard of that app as well but haven’t tried it. Another option is reading call transcripts which are usually available a few hours after. The Fool and Seeking Alpha are two services I know that provide them. I don’t know if MF has an auto-deliver feature, but you can sign up for free Seeking Alpha alerts and they will come right to your inbox. You can also Google “XYZ Q3 transcript” (or whatever quarter) a few hours after and usually get a result.


I have the app - it’s great. Set up just like a podcast player. Search for any company and they have a list of old calls for the last couple years. They also have a feature to listen to live calls and a list of upcoming calls. I like the recorded calls bc you can listen at faster playback speeds. Highly recommend.

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Another option is reading call transcripts which are usually available a few hours after.

Transcripts are usually available on the company website via the investor page and link.

Slideshows, if any, and press releases are also available so you can find the full set of accounting tables for the quarter.



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